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Skinny Margarita Singles

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Made with real ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, our Skinny Margarita has zero sugar, and is a low calorie cocktail that doesn't taste like a low calorie cocktail! The use of real ingredients allows the true nature of the flavors to fill your glass through till the last sip.

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In the meantime try one of our other flavors - they're still SIGNIFICANTLY lower in calories than a margarita you'll find at a restaurant/bar!

Authentic Margarita Mix Powder

Authentic margarita mix powder made with real ingredients. Our commitment to quality means no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, ensuring our Margarita Singles are a better-for-you alternative. With 75% less calories than a traditional margarita, you've found your ideal choice for indulging gilt-free.

Quality you're accustomed to

made in a fraction of the time

Skinny Margarita Mix for a Guilt-Free Sip

With Batchwell's Skinny Margarita Mix, you can indulge in a refreshing, low-carb margarita that's both classic and zesty. Our versatile mix allows you to craft the best skinny margarita, tailored to your taste preferences, whether you prefer a classic or an invigorating kick with our habanero margarita mixer. We've mastered the art of making your favorite cocktail while keeping it health-conscious and full of flavor. Spend less time making your cocktails, and more time enjoying them.

The Ultimate Cocktail and Mocktail Drink Mixer

If you're seeking a unique twist, consider our spicy margarita recipe. We offer jalapeño and habanero margarita mix options, adding a fiery kick to your cocktail or mocktail experience. Are you in search of a non alcoholic margarita or a mocktail margarita? Our mixers are your best friend when creating these delightful, alcohol-free beverages.

Enjoy a Refreshing Mocktail Margarita

Indulge in the world of refreshing mocktail margaritas with Batchwell's exceptional mixers. Whether you're a fan of classic flavors or crave a bit of a kick, our versatile range caters to your every taste preference. Savor the tangy delight of a non-alcoholic margarita that captures the essence of a traditional margarita without the alcohol.

Elevate Your Margarita Game with Batchwell's Margarita Mix Powder

So, whether you're a fan of traditional margaritas, adventurous spicy variations, or mocktail margaritas, Batchwell has you covered. Our margarita mix powder opens up a world of possibilities for your cocktail and mocktail creations. Try our products today and elevate your cocktail game!

Chill Out with Our Frozen Margarita Recipe

For those who prefer a frozen margarita, our mix is quick and easy to make? Our powder margarita mix takes 30 seconds to whip up, whether you're at home or on the go, just add ice. The perfect balance of citrus and sour with a hint of sweetness guarantees a refreshing taste you won't forget.

Craft the Perfect Spicy Margarita Mocktail with Batchwell

Crafting the perfect spicy margarita mocktail is a breeze with Batchwell's exceptional ingredients. Our mocktail mixers, designed to infuse your beverages with a spicy twist, are your ticket to a tantalizing and alcohol-free fiesta. Whether you prefer a classic jalapeño-infused mocktail or a habanero kick, our spicy margarita mixers cater to all heat levels. Explore the art of mixology as you craft the best spicy margarita recipe, striking the ideal sweet and sour balance. These versatile mixers make it effortless to create a mocktail margarita that's bold in flavor and unforgettable in every sip.