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Our Story

Delicious cocktails without the hassle, yes please.
If you’re anything like us, you enjoy drinking the cocktails, more than you enjoy making them. Ingredients you don’t have, recipes you don’t remember, and cutting-squeezing-cleaning that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy… okay, maybe you would. That’s why we set out to create a mix that delivers the quality you're accustomed to in a fraction of the time.
Whether you’re celebrating, reminiscing, or simply winding down, we believe the taste of your drink should complement the occasion, so we set out to create no B.S. cocktails. Ones that provide quality, convenience, and TASTE. Why powder, you may ask? Dehydrating real ingredients into a powdered form allows the quality to preserve naturally without the need for artificial additives. Because, artificial additives are no bueno.
From concept in 2019, to conception in 2022, we’re proud of the product we're happy to bring you. After all, you deserve some quality time sipping a quality drink.